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First Month in the Caravan

Our first month in the caravan has been great. We have settled in well, finding out where all the essentials go, and establishing a routine that seems to suit us both. We have both read more books than usual getting them from the library or buying them from the local op-shops.

We discovered that the TV in the caravan was broken and so had to buy a new one with a suitable mount bracket. This was eventually delivered on Christmas Eve just in time to watch the Christmas Carols held in Melbourne and televised.

Christmas Day was lovely and drama-free. We had breakfast with our adult children and their partners and our granddaughters. Champagne, fresh berries, croissants, and coffee as is our Christmas custom. Then later Mick and I enjoyed a quiet lunch of fresh oysters and prawns. Despite the strings of coloured lights decorating the tents, the camp was not festive at all with many of the campsites still empty and the groups of people who were here do not celebrate Christmas.

The Bentley’s at Rosebud Foreshore Christmas Day 2019

It was a weird day on the beach with smoke haze that reduced the visibility substantially but created a white glare. We could not see Arthurs Seat, Mount Martha, Sorrento and beyond. Very few boats and jet-skis were out on the bay, and only a few families on the beach, despite being a warm afternoon. The noise was almost silent, and it felt like we were inside a life-size summer snow globe.

I did not really like this campsite at all. It is poorly plotted causing confusion and arguments for campers. There are not enough water taps to service the sites. Our power pole was not working, and it took four days before it was fixed. The toilets are old and despite begin cleaned twice daily the filth and rubbish left by some groups of campers is disgusting. With all of this considered the fees are far too high for the level of service and amenity. I would not come back here.

Tomorrow we move on finally. We are well and truly ready to go. We plan to stay with family at Horsham for a little bit. I hope we can test the off-grid functions of the caravan while we are there.


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