Minding Archie

While the bushfires raged across the country, we travelled south back to Rosebud leaving the caravan at Horsham. We had offered to mind Archie the dog while our son and his family went on holiday to Queensland.


This little interlude was always in our plans, but it does feel a lot like ‘Groundhog Day’. We are keen to get moving with this trip but with many major highways closed we wouldn’t get very far anyway.

It has been a good opportunity to attend to the problems with the car and caravan; so timely as it turns out. The mechanics could not find a problem with the Triton. It is under warranty and we will continue to monitor it.

The smoke haze has choked many areas including here on the busy Mornington Peninsula. We could not see the nearby ridge of Main Ridge for a whole day. It hasn’t deterred the hordes of summer tourists.

Rosebud Pier

We have had a nice relaxing time sleeping in a comfortable bed, walking Archie, and catching up with friends. Mick has played golf and joined in with the Saturday Park Run. We have watched some great Australian content on TV: The Gloaming set in Hobart; The Commons set in Sydney. And I did Yoga with Adriene.


One of my past blog posts, ‘The Aussie Fire Beast’, was picked up by Libraries Interact Daily. It is not the first time one of my posts has been picked up and included in their newsletter. This gives me confidence to continue this writing endeavor.

Hopefully when we leave Rosebud this weekend we won’t be back until next Christmas.

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