Peppermint Grove Beach

Peppermint green water of Geographe Bay, neon green grass, and eucalyptus green leaves of the gumtrees at the caravan park; Peppermint Grove is aptly named and is an oasis located within the dry salt inlets and marshes of the strip of land between Busselton and Bunbury.

Peppermint Grove Beach WA

The Australian Ringneck parrot shares the trees at the campground with a family of magpies, an occasional kookaburra, and hyperactive wattle birds. The Australian Ringneck has a green body, black head, and a distinctive yellow collar. This variety of parrot is not seen on the Mornington Peninsula where we call home. Each time I try to take a photo of one, it is gone before I am ready.

It was very relaxing surrounded by all this green and the campground is spacious set out generously on the grass under the pleasing variety of eucalypts. Also no dogs allowed which added to the serenity. A new variety of eucalypt caught my eye, with its bright yellow flowers and red bud caps. I looked it up and it is an Illyarrie Red-Capped Gum (Eucalyptus Erythrocorys). The bees and birds were loving it as much as me.

The beach fronts onto the large Geographe Bay and stretches into the distance in both directions. The water is a gorgeous shade of green distinctive as the Indian Ocean. It is perfect for swimming as it drops quickly to a nice depth. Few people were on the beach.

A walk down Busselton Jetty cost us four dollars each for the privilege, and we passed on the train ride and aquarium. We wanted the exercise and like walking out on piers, and we had visited that aquarium once before on a previous visit. It is a lovely foreshore area with designated netted swimming areas, cafes, and a great playground. Local school children were having swimming lessons in one section of the netted swimming areas.

Busselton and Bunbury WA

We took a day trip to Bunbury which is an interesting location as it has the beach front to Geographe Bay, another inner bay with a large industrial port, then a deeper inlet. The parks along the beachfront, bay beach, and inlet are nicely set out with bike trails, swimming areas, boat ramps, parking, and lookouts. We had lunch at the Back Beach Café looking out to sea where quite a few large ships idled. Bunbury is not a pretty town but it is interesting.

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