Another ant nips my foot, sweat drips from my brow, I need another drink of water. Another jet rumbles nearby and I lift my gaze to catch a glimpse through the trees as it lumbers skyward.

We are in Perth staying at a caravan park close to the city and the airport. There is a small inviting swimming pool that helps to cool us in the heat of the day. The park is near the Swan River and we enjoy several walks along the river trail.

On Sunday we visit the CBD to shop. I want to buy the book “So You Want To Be A Writer” but no one seems to stock it on the shelves. Mick needs new swim fins. And I need to restock a Chinese tea that I drink.

Perth WA

The State Library is open, and I tour the floors while Mick reads a newspaper. I interrupt the customer service staff with a question about membership for interstate visitors. Three of them at the desk were complaining about management. Are all library staff the same I wonder?

The Art Gallery is interesting, and we look at the Modern and Contemporary works. A young man with blue hair is posing in front of a large canvas of pastel pink while his friends take photos of him.

The Swan Bells are chiming as we wander along the ferry terminal. It’s too early for lunch so we pass by all the lovely waterside cafes. We drive to Kings Park where many people are having picnics on the green slopes overlooking the city and the river.

Perth WA

This is our second visit to Perth, and it is a lovely city. It has nice temperature, great public facilities such as paths, trails, bridges, ferries, public transport, parking, and freeways, beautifully situated on the winding river with many parks and waterways all open to public access. It appears to be a very livable city.

The following day we drive to the Swan Valley and then to Bel Rapids which is upstream of the Swan River. Unfortunately it is totally dry, but if there was water flowing, judging by the rocks it would be a fantastic set of rapids for white water rafting.

We find a lovely little tea room on the banks of the Swan River nearer to the city and enjoy salmon quiche in the shade looking out at the river.

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